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A Treat for the Senses and the Soul


One of New Zealand's 22 Great Rides, part of Nga Haerenga - the New Zealand Cycle Trail, and already a classic, the Timber Trail takes riders on a journey of discovery full of natural wonders, unique heritage sites, and amazing riding through forested hills with spectacular gorges and epic views across the central North Island.


New Zealand's Timber Trail offers rich rewards, from awesome riding on ever-changing terrain featuring flowing single-track and thrilling suspension bridges, to ancient forests with towering trees and unique wildlife, to captivating history brought to life with Maori lore, timber milling relics, and much more.


Kia ora Pureora!  Greetings Pureora! 


  • Rainforest Pureora

    Trail Story

    Pureora Forest's Timber Trail reveals a wealth of fascinating stories and shows how the path through history can lead to a promising future.



  • Maori carving at Pureora end of the Timber Trail

    Why Ride?



  • Maori Legend

    About Us

    We are blessed to have one of the last remaining intact podocarp forests available for us to discover via the Timber Trail by bike or by foot.


Plan Your Ride

Thinking of riding the Timber Trail? All the information you need to plan your ride is available right here on this website. Find out where to stay, how to organise shuttle services, or book complete Timber Trail Packages.  


Connect with nature and embark on your Journey of Discovery. This Trail has the greatest number and most spectacular suspension bridges in all of New Zealand. This has naturally become one of the enduring icon images for the Timber Trail.  The Timber Trail offers you the opportunity to connect with your significant other, friends or family. It is a weekend experience that is doable from anywhere in the North Island, with just a tank of gas.  You can combine as a longer trip to connect to other amazing cycle trails such as Mountains to Sea, the Great Lake Trail, Waikato River Trails and the Motu Trails; all located in the central North Island region.

A heart in a palm


We are working hard to make your Journey of Discovery the best possible. If you believe you had a Most Amazing Journey and would like to donate to our Trail to help us go from Good to Great, donate now to cement your history with us.

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Great Rides App


Specifically designed for New Zealand's Great Rides this app is used by mountain bikers, runners and walkers. It aims to provide location tracking to find amenities, attractions and local information while riding the trail. Once downloaded, the trail information is fully available offline.

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